Transmission Trouble?
We’ve Got You Covered.

Transmission Service In Germantown

Leaking fluid? Noticing your check engine light flickering? Smell something burning every time you hit the road? It could be time for a transmission repair or replacement—and the experts at South Tire Auto are here to help.

WIth many of experience, South Tire Auto has long been Germantown’s choice for complex mechanical repairs and custom work. We specialize in repairing, rebuilding and replacing transmissions, ensuring you’re never sidelined by a faulty or failing transmission.

Rebuild, Repair or Replace?

Your transmission is a critical piece of your car’s speed capabilities and overall day-to-day function. When it goes you aren’t going anywhere—and that’s when things can get costly.

At South Tire Auto our goal is to assess every vehicle for existing and potential transmission problems and troubleshoot fast. Our expert mechanics can repair or even rebuild a transmission, saving you time, money and endless headaches. And if your transmission fails? We’ll provide a host of solutions and replacements that meet your needs and your budget. That’s our promise to you and to every South Tire Auto customer.

Keep Your Transmission In-Check

The best way to avoid transmission trouble? Make sure to schedule regular maintenance and repairs. Start with a comprehensive inspection and assessment from South Tire Auto, paired with a customized maintenance schedule based on your make and model. Commit now and avoid major transmission problems down the road.

Comprehensive Repair And Replacement Services

At South Tire Auto we’re experts at transmissions—and everything else that touches your vehicle. Stop by anytime for a quick tune up, tire rotation, oil change or, even, major mechanical assessments and repairs. Our expert team is always available to help you get back on the road with our transmission service in Germantown.

Contact us at (901) 861-3700 to schedule your transmission inspection and repair, or stop by South Tire Auto any time to speak with our trained specialists.