Struts, Shocks,
Suspension & Steering Repair

Stay in control any time you’re on the road

Your suspension and steering systems keeps you safe and on the road every time you hit the wheel. Stop by South Tire Auto any time for a comprehensive assessment and quick repairs, and ensure your car is prepared for every twist, turn and bump in the road.

South Tire Auto’s complete suspension and steering check includes:

  • Complete evaluation by a certified auto technician
  • Recommendations and estimates for any necessary repairs or maintenance items
  • Safety check to ensure the utmost security and reliance on the road

Shocks and struts at South Tire Auto

Your car’s shocks and struts are a key piece of its overall suspension system. As these parts get worn through everyday use, they reduce your car’s ability to maintain stability on the road — and that can mean major safety issues with every turn. If you’re buckling, swaying, sliding or bouncing on the road, you may need new shocks and struts. South Tire Auto can assess your vehicle and make cost-effective recommendations and repairs, to get you back on the road fast.

Shocks and struts at South Tire Auto

If you notice any of these warning signs, stop by South Tire Auto today for a comprehensive maintenance check:

  • Fluid leaking from your car’s shock or strut body
  • Dented or damaged shocks or struts
  • Uneven tire wear, or swaying while driving
  • “Nose dives” when brakes are applied
  • Bumpiness or bouncing on the road
  • Stiff or noisy steering

You should also plan to have your shocks and struts checked at least every 50,000 miles. If you’ve hit that mark, you’ve likely got some serious wear and tear. Don’t wait until a problem arises to schedule your evaluation with South Tire Auto. A quick check now can prevent costly maintenance and repairs in the future.