Brakes Service

Your Collierville Auto Brakes Experts

We’ve all seen the movie scene where the actor’s car’s brakes are malfunctioning and the car is careening at high speeds towards a river or building. This is clearly not anything we want to experience in real life but when our brakes are not performing properly it certainly can conjure those mental images. It is important to know what to expect should your brakes begin to not work properly. So what do you look for when you think your brakes are going out?

How Do You Know You Need Brakes Service?

The easiest way to tell if you have a brake problem is you will notice the amber-colored ABS light or red brake light in your dash. If either of these lights come on, take your car and have it looked at by a mechanic. Catching a problem in the beginning could prevent more costly repairs or even worse, an accident.

The first thing you might notice physically is that your brake pedal feels different when you press it. It may feel spongy or difficult to press. You may also feel like the brakes are grinding when pressed. The car may react in a few different ways when the brakes are pressed. It may begin to vibrate or take longer to stop. A car that is slower to stop can create a frightening situation or accident so the brakes need to be dealt with immediately.

You may hear a high-pitched squealing sound when you press you breaks. This usually indicates a brake problem. The vehicle may pull to one side also. But this could also mean you have an alignment issue, so make sure you have that checked as well. Brakes are not something you want to wait to have repaired. Having them checked at the first sign of problems can prevent a lot of expense and difficulty.