Battery Service

Make sure you’re fully charged

When your battery’s low it can mean serious problems for you and your car. Don’t wait until your car stalls or the battery gives out altogether. Come to South Tire Automotive for a FREE diagnostic and comprehensive performance appraisal.

In just minutes you’ll get a full rundown of your battery quality, including whether or not it’s holding a full charge and if it’s needs to be replaced.

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluating your car battery and its performance
  • Troubleshooting for any issues that arise, or recommendations for replacements if your battery isn’t performing
  • Complete print out of your assessment, including next steps

Ask the Collierville battery service experts

The battery is just one piece of your car’s charging system. Ask our experts to give your vehicle a complete system evaluation to ensure every piece of this vital chain is working properly — and that you won’t be left stalled or stranded. Checks include:

  • Full cleaning and inspection of your car’s battery and cable ends, ensuring a complete charge every time
  • Inspection of your fan, alternator and serpentine belt for signs of wear and tear
  • Expert adjustments made on the spot, if needed, ensuring you drive off the lot with that added peace of mind

Know the warning signs

If you notice any of these tell tale signs your battery life may be fading, get your car to South Tire Automotive fast for a comprehensive diagnostic, repair or replacement.

  • Check engine light is visible on the dashboard
  • Battery fluid levels are low
    Your car’s battery case looks swollen
  • There’s an obvious battery leak
  • Your battery is more than three years old and hasn’t been checked

Don’t wait til it’s too late. Call South Tire Automotive at (901) 861-3700 now to schedule your battery servicing.