Auto Air Conditioning Service

Your Collierville Auto Air Conditioning Experts

Think a busted AC isn’t a big deal? Think again. Not only will a working air conditioner improve your ride especially during the summer months, but a malfunctioning system could signal a bigger issue. At the first sign of a weak or problematic AC, bring your car to South Tire Automotive for a complete diagnostic and fast, professional servicing.

  • Complete inspection of your car’s AC compressor and other accessible components
  • Full refrigerant evacuation and clean out, plus a full recharge
  • Comprehensive vacuum test of your AC system, ensuring yours is in good, working order
  • Troubleshooting and repairs onsite, as needed

Sound familiar?

Air conditioner blowing warm or hot air? That’s a no-brainer you likely have some issues with your AC system. But, often, there are a few warning signs that pop up before your cool air gives out for good. Be on the lookout and, if you notice any of these in your vehicle, head to South Tire Automotive for a complete diagnostic.

Banging or rattling coming from your AC, usually right after you flip it on
Odd smells or odors emanating from the air condition vents
Water stains inside your vehicle, usually under the dashboard
Pools of refrigerant under your car

Don’t sweat it. Call the pros at South Tire Automotive now at (901) 861-3700 for a complete check.

Don’t wait…

Like other key vehicle components, a small issue with your air conditioning system can lead to major trouble if it’s not resolved right away. Common issues — problems with sealants, hoses, connections and minor compression problems — can be tackled quickly and easily.